Thursday, March 25, 2010

Toilet Paper Roll Binoculars

Letter B binocular kids craft bug safari

This is a super easy craft and the kids go buggy over it! I've been collecting toilet paper rolls since December - needless to say, we have a ton. So its time to start working with them. BB and Gigi had finished putting on and taking off most of their princess dresses so it was time to sit down to a craft.

Today we are working on The Letter B so I thought it'd be fun to go on a Bug Safari!

*2 toilet paper rolls (or one paper towel roll cut in half)
*Crayons, markers, glitter, stickers, jewels - whatever your little one likes to decorate with
*Colored paper to cover the rolls with, if you'd like
*Hole Punch
*Tape or school glue

Set up your little one with the 2 rolls and let them decorate! *If using glitter I suggest placing a baking sheet underneath to help the containment of glitter. I'm positive I'll have glitter in my carpet for many, many years regardless!

Gigi working hard on her craftEasy Kids Crafts Blog Twins Gigi and BeBe crafting!Once they are satisfied with their artwork, tape or glue the rolls together. Punch a hole into the outside of the tubes and tie your yarn to make a necklace.

Now the fun starts, hide several plastic bugs in your home or backyard and have them find them! Definitely count how many your hiding - I've found lizards in my playroom in odd places weeks after this game.

I bought some butterfly nets at the Dollar Store to help with the collection of bugs. They collect just about anything they can fit into those nets at least once a day!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Rain Art

It doesn't rain very often in Vegas, but when it does I try to take advantage of it! We spent our morning splashing in small mud puddles and digging for worms in our "garden" so it was time to head indoors for a craft.

We colored the paper with washable markers:
mommy and me rain art craft for kids on a rainy dayThen put them outside to watch the rain distort the drawings. Of course being Vegas the rain wasn't the type I'm used to being from Seattle! I ended up giving them water bottles to help the process along.
rain art for mommy and me easy crafts for toddlers

Friday, March 12, 2010

Lil' Chef's Pizza Playdate

Calling all Little Chefs! Its time to make it the way YOU want it...and eat some toppings along the way.
Pizza Playdate for kids mommy and me little chef crafts These are easy to prepair for your kids and fun for them to make. We used english muffins for this playdate but you can also buy biscuits in the frigeration section of the grocery store (Pilsbury Dough in the container kind) and let the kids roll them out. I washed our Playdough rolling pins and let the kids use those to roll out the dough!

Have enough containers for each kiddo and come to the realization that double dipping is not only allowed but accepted between toddlers.
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Friday, March 5, 2010

Lil Chef's baking Rainbow & Tie Dye Cupcakes!

These cupcakes take some time to put together, but they are Well Worth the effort! The more you have set up to go, the easier it is to have fun with your kids while baking.

Step 1:
Get all your ingredients and cookware together
Playgroups playdates little chefs rainbow cupcakes cooking with kids Step 2:
Pre-measure your liquids for easy pouring by your child. I have my girls crack the eggs for me too. A girlfriend of mine has boy twins who is far more brave then I ever planned on being...she had me showing the girls how to crack eggs at 18months. Always have a wet rag nearby to clean up raw eggs on your childs hands or take them directly to the sink for washing.
Playgroups playdates little chefs rainbow cupcakes cooking with kids Step 3:
Although not healthy, I do let my girls lick the beaters. You can squash any fears of salmonella by just using egg whites if you so choose.
Rainbow Cupcakes Mommy and Me cooking craftsStep 4:
Die your cake mix. Although I used White Cake mix, the batter is more of an off white. This does effect how you create vibrant colors. I followed the directions on the box of food coloring and it worked great. I was fearful the cupcakes would have that food dye flavor, but they didn't!

Playgroups playdates little chefs rainbow cupcakes cooking with kids Step 5:
Line your muffin tins with the paper inserts. I decided against it for this batch and I didn't get the rainbow effect on the outside of the cupcake. With the paper inserts you can see the color layers, even the paper you peel off looks cool!

Step 6:
Begin layering your colors in reverse: purple, blue, green, yellow, orange, red. Keeping in mind you'll have 6 layers, try to keep them as thin as possible. I used a plastic spoon to help spread it out.

Step 7:
Cook as directed on the box. Let fully cool.

Step 8:
Using white cake frosting in separate bowls create as many colors as you'd like to offer your child to decorate with. Or you can use all white to signify a fluffy cloud.
Playgroups playdates little chefs rainbow cupcakes cooking with kids
Of course colors is what this is all about so I offered the twins 5 colors!
Playgroups playdates little chefs rainbow cupcakes cooking with kids
I cut one in half to show the effect.
Playgroups playdates little chefs rainbow cupcakes cooking with kids

For the left over batter I mixed them in the muffin tins to see if I could get a tie dye effect, I think they turned out great!
This is a time consuming baking craft, but I think it was well worth it and we had fun the entire time. Plus if you get bored layering it all, just mix them together and have tie dye cupcakes instead!

We made these before St. Patricks Day to cook rainbows. We learned the ASL sign for each color and how to sign rainbow itself. The girls also learned what happens when you combine colors as they slathered on the colored frostings - at the end they were eating brown/black cupcakes!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Hand Print Lantern Keepsake Fun Mommy and Me Craft
I have to admit, I go a bit crazy for Spring. The weather here in Vegas is Perfect! We bought these plain white lanterns at Michael's, they have little battery operated lights inside with an extra light bulb. Target sells them as well.

I was able to get all 3 girls hand prints onto this but was unable to get a photo showing it. I really can't do every one's hand prints on regular paper anymore so I find other things to put them on!

I used regular washable tempura paint by Crayola and painted on the stem and leave myself. Since I'm hanging this in the playhouse outside I also dabbed glow in the dark paint all around so it looks like stars once turned off. The girls LOVE it on and off!

None of this is water proof so I do take it in every night for fear rain will ruin this keepsake.

Wordless Wednesday - Painting with my 10 month old!

I may be a bit of a neat freak at times, but after my twins went through learning the joys of squishy paint, I've decided to save some time and put my Under 1 in the bath tub!  She loved it!  I was able to give her a bath straight afterwards minus the "Please don't touch the walls" chant as I run down the hall to the bathroom.  It was very relaxing and fun.

*Being Under 1 she of course was more then happy to taste test all the colors. I had a wet wash towel on hand to get to her mouth before her hand was successful most of the time!

I used regular washable tempura paint by Crayola, we use it for just about everything. I started with her in the tub so she could see me put the paint in front of her. At first she looked at me like I was nuts, then she dove right in! Being washable paint it was extremely easy to wash off the walls, tile, and anything else she touched.
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