Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Gerber Generation Celebration! House Party

If you've never herd of House Party, this is the one to get in on! This is a FREE service retailers use to get their product out and tested. Simply sign up and you'll get notified when a House Party is open. The one below is for Gerbers. Once selected for the party, House Party sends you a big box of goodies to share with your attendees - FREEBIES!!!!

So get your party hat on, enjoy the freebies with all your friends, and I hope you get awarded one!!!

Gerber Generation Celebration! House Party

Handprint Spidar with footprint ghost

I wish I could have gotten the ghost and the spidar on the same page but my baby just wasn't going to let that happen.  So, you go with it.  My little one was 17 months when we did this and she did great!  I was amazed that she didn't paint her face with her painted black hands. 
To make the spidar you need to keep in mind the placement - the palms will go together to make the fingers into legs.  I've seen this outlined in silver glitter glue but since I paired it with the ghost I left it as is.  Have fun with it!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Another Fall handprint craft...

I know I've said it already, but I LOVE Autumn!!!  I had all the kids contribute to this one.  We were up in UT visiting family when the kids actually got to see some leaves turning.  The girls were excited to gather leaves...I carefully inspected them for bugs yet still managed to take some home.  We did leaf rubbings as well, I forgot to take picts of those.  We'll go hiking soon again so we'll be doing that one again for sure!

Hand Print Tree:
Handprint Tree for Fall
Another Super Easy handprint craft.  I painted in the trunk of the tree the gave each kiddo one color to paint their hands.  Oddly my 18month old knows exactly what to do, she's been doing hand prints since she was 10 weeks old!  I let them go for it and they had a blast. 

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Autumn is HERE!

Hand Print Tree for Autumn
It's time to do a handprint craft!  My kids love to get the squishy paints between their fingers and what better way to celebrate the new season?  Vegas doesn't have too many signs of seasons so we do our best to bring them in home.  We started with this craft then took a walk in our green belt.  No surprise that we didn't find a single sign of Autumn as we walk along in our tank tops and flip flops wondering when the temp will go below 105 degrees.

We bought some glitter paper at the Dollar Store that I've been saving for holidays.  Since Autumn is my favorite season we broke out the glitter paper!  This one is super easy.  Paint your little ones hand and some of the forearm brown.  Then the fun part, let your kiddo dip their fingers into one color at a time to decorate the tree!  We made 3 of them...this is the only one that doesn't have fall leaves all over the page.  They had so much fun doing it I just couldn't break in.  Besides, Autumn leaves fall....they were just thinking ahead of the lesson!
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