Friday, July 23, 2010

Discovery Scouts Program

We finally found a scouting program for kids 3-5 years old!!!!  My girls are 18mo and twin 4 year olds so we can be apart of this for several years.  I signed up to be a troop leader and quickly shared the info with my preschool homeschooling group.  We decided to get together and make t-shirts for the members while we waited for the badges to arrive. 

We used flat fabric paint...make sure all the kiddos are wearing clothes you don't mind trowing out afterwards as this stuff obviously wont wash out!  It didn't occur to me to do this as well...I'll really miss that tank top now that I have fabric paint miscellaneously placed about.  At least now mom has a art/painting top like the girls do!  As you can see with the 2 middle hand pints that its important to have the shirt flat to avoid any creases.  This paint dries fast so you'll want to have a little dish on hand to re-apply.

 We put the groups kids hand prints on the back of our shirts and my kids put their handprints on the fronts.  I made them into flowers and used glitter fabric paints to make their handprints special.  Since we had to wait for the paint to dry we decided as a group to write our kids names by each handprint with a sharpie at a latter date.  I can't believe the blue handprint is that of my 18month old daughter - she's going to out grow the twins so quickly!
I even made one for myself!  In Vegas you can happily wear a tank top 3 seasons out of 4.  My front is blank.

Its a super easy program.  As a homeschooler I have an issue with conformity, but still like to see it so I can change it to suite my family.  The Discovery Scouts just provides the outline of projects (like ideas) and supply you with the badges.  Its totally up to the parents as to when their kiddo earns the badge.  I carried that idea over to my homeschooling group.

We are starting with the Outdoor Living badge.  We'll begin with hiking, then work our way into our Jr. Ranger Program.  Most National Parks offer this.

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