Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Group Hiking Trip - Mt. Charleston

I am so sorry!  I can't figure out how to rotate these photos!  In my folders they are rotated, but for some reason I can't get them to import the way they are saved? 

One of our group members was a super girl scout back in the day and oh my, she is such an asset!  We drove up to Mt. Charleston to take in some nature.  Not that Las Vegas lacks in nature, I'm kiddding - it does, but Mt. Charleston is only 40 minutes away and give my homesickness for Washington a break.  We joined our super outdoorsey friends for an easy hike.  The lil' ladies did great.  They would run ahead a bit but were easy enough to call back.  I forget the a rock I can climb up is taller then my kids.  Often I was holding the hands of my girls as I carried my 25lb toddler on my back in my favorite Kelty backpack (oh how I love my backpack!) but they rarely fell down or complained. 

Discovery Scouts Hike to earn Outdoor Living Badge
Our kids were given little nature lessons as we walked, such as stopping at this tree for a sniff.  I gave all the kids baby jars to collect neat things to take back to the camp site...Moms ended up carrying the jars natrually and reminded the girls to keep their eyes open for neat nature things to discuss later.

 I couldn't believe how pretty this hike was so I had the lil' ladies sit for a photo.

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