Thursday, April 5, 2012

DIY Clay Hand Prints

DIY Clay Hand Prints

These clay hand prints are so easy and inexpensive, I can't seem to stop making them! I bought a 25pound box of Crayola Air Dry Clay from Amazon for $28. I've made 10 clay impressions and still have enough left for one more! *They also sell 5pound containers for $12.99 which will do about 3-4 depending on the size of your creation.

You'll want to have a clear work space and all your supplies ready. This is a messy craft! I kept the kids busy while I set up. *On a side note, this clay is VERY easy to wash off tables...not so easy when on the carpet.

Large Bowl
2 cups of water (you don't need to measure, I just fill my measure cup up)
Rolling pin
Wax Paper
Butter knife
Cookie sheet
Wet rag

Ready to create a fantastic keepsake?

Begin by taking out the cookie sheet and wiping it with the wet rag. Place the wax paper into the sheet, the water will help hold it in place.

Onto the messy part - Take a couple handfuls of clay into your large bowl and add some water to help make the clay more pliable. Massage it till it's soft but not runny - add more clay if it gets runny. You want the consistency of sugar cookie dough.

Place your clay onto the cookie sheet and with a wet rolling pin, roll out your dough. The shape will be cut out so just get it as flat as possible. If the clay gets sticky, add some water and smooth it out (water repairs many mistakes). You will want the thickness to be at very least a half an inch (any less and it cracks as it dries) to one inch (that's just heavy).

Wash off your hands and call over your kiddo to get their foot or hand print. Press down on each finger and especially palm. For feet have them step down onto the cookie sheet. Wash them off, they're part is done!

With a wet finger smooth out any bumps or bubbles. Take your butter knife and cut out your design. As you pull up the extra clay, the wax paper will most likely come with it. That's fine. It's easy to separate out from the dough in the bowl.

Put the cookie sheet somewhere it wont be disturbed. Living in Vegas I thought I'd be smart and put it outside during our usual summer heat wave...don't do that. The entire piece cracked into 20 pieces in 30 minutes. Indoors is fine. DO NOT FORGET TO ADD HOLES! If your going to hang this, you need holes. I use lollypop sticks so the hole is uniform.

As it dries check on it for little cracks. These are easy to fix with a wet finger.

Once totally dry you can paint it. I use acrylic paint. Once that's dry, spray on a high gloss sealer, I bought mine from Michaels. After that is dry, you can write with a sharpie your kiddo's name and date - or whatever you want! *Sharpie blurs when sprayed with the sealant.

All said and done this craft cost me less then $10 each finished piece. Which to me is a far better deal then going to those paint your pottery places. I also don't see the need to kiln fire these products, we're not going to eat off them and I have no plans to play frisbee with them either. They hang on my wall, that's it. The air dry clay is more the sufficient for this!

This is a fun, easy, and CHEAP keepsake you'll cherish forever!

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