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Hand and Foot Print Flowers for Spring!

Hand and Foot Print Flowers for Spring!

Handprint Flowers Foot Print craft Mothers Day keepsake Spring playdate
Finished Project

Spring will be pretty.
Just give it a week, When flowers are blooming down by the creek.
Bees will be buzzing as trees start to bud,
But for the moment I'm covered with mud.
Snow has been melting, since winter is through,
Replacing the whiteness with puddles of goo.

I stepped off the sidewalk and into the ooze.
Next thing I knew, I stepped out of my shoes!
Mud on my ankles and mud on my clothes.
I stumbled face-first and got mud up my nose.
Spring will be pretty, but I must confess,
The first days of spring are a muckety mess!

Let's get messy! 
Bring your kids over to our house and dip their
feet and hands in paint to make a keepsake for Spring!

RSVP as usual - only plus 1 if your bringing 2 kids and so on.  Please list any allergies in your rsvp.  Directions will be emailed the night before to all Yes rsvp's.

Craft Directions:
These are super easy to do, I was even able to get both of my 3 year olds hands and feet onto the SAME piece of paper! Granted it was a large piece of construction paper, but they fit none the less. I had to settle for a new piece of paper to get my 11month olds flowers done but that eased my fears of her turning her flowers into a finger painting project which would "ruin" the twins prints.

Hand Print Flower Footprint art Mothers Day gift from kids Toddler painting
8-Oz. Color Splash! Washable Tempera Paint (Pack of 12)Baby Handprint Footprint Keepsake Using Washable Tempura Paints make this project an easy one to clean up after.

Washable Tempura Paints
Paint brushes
Wipes or a wet hand towel
Paper to apply prints onto

Step 1: Choose your colors for the flowers, my girls actually chose different colors! I thought we'd have our usual purple and pink but they surprised me and I think they turned out great! Place your hand and foot prints as shown. I use regular baby wipes to clean off the paint but a wash rag would be far more economical.


Step 2: Draw in your stems. I used a regular foam paint brush. I buy mine at Michaels but have seen them at Target and Walmart. Make sure to wash these out ASAP, even just soaking them will make them last longer. They may be cheap to buy but having to run to the store Just to buy paint brushes aren't in my plans for the day.
11month old's project
Step 3: Paint on leaves and add the name and date to either a stem or on an empty part of the paper.

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  1. I saw these and had to try them! They are so colorful. Ours came out pretty well, too. I added a link back to your post on my blog to show where I found my inspiration!


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