Making Money Deals and Steals

I'm a stay at home mom who is ALWAYS looking for a way to make some money without taking any time away from my 3 kids.  I'm a certified baby/toddler sign language teacher so I do make some scratch from that, just enough to keep my princesses enrolled in tiny tot ballet and soon boxing!

Since I think its such a huge waste of time signing up for everything under the sun, I'm only sharing the things that actually produce for me and meet my criterea of not taking me away from the kiddos.

Search & Win  I use this as my main search engine and have earned a $25 Amazon gift certificate about every 2 weeks.  I'm not a huge internet surfer but apparently, I do my fair share!  They install a search toolbar on your screen which hasn't slowed down MY computer at all but always use caution when downloading.   You sign up for your FREE account and download the tool bar - then off you go!  There's nothing more to it then that.  So far my best find.

If you have any you'd like me to check out please contact me!

I had a girlfriend suggest signing up with Opion Outpost.  I had tried so many "Get Paid to fill out Surveys" I figured one more wouldn't hurt.  I have to say, I had little hope it would actually pay out. 

Wow, I get an average of 3 surveys a day that I can easily fill out when the kids nap.  I don't qualify for all of them but enough to actually bring in some money!  I wont be claiming it as a second income any day soon, but it has funded its fair share of trips to Chuck E Cheese!


  1. i haven't heard of those surveys, but i make money with AOL surveys!

  2. I'll check them out today! Thank you for the suggestion.


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