Saturday, January 21, 2012

A girlfriend of our bought her daughter (3.5yrs) the home Starfall subscription and has shared it with us....YAY!!!  After ditching the gym today to make holiday returns, making the Best Meatloaf EVER and putting the baby to bed....we got to try it out!

I brought out the magnets and spread them out on the floor and put on some ambient music on.  I started with Pixie.  We kicked off our Starfall experience with the reading portion.  She did awesome.  She sounded out each word then read the sentence as a whole at the end.  Princess started off her experience with a find the beginning sound game (which was too easy for her) then she read the same story Pixie did.

Princess tried to guess via the picture what the sentence said verses sound out each word.  I had to have her revisit the words she guessed.  Pixie was more interested in sounding out each letter.  The both did great! 

Tomorrow we're off to the Y so I can work out and the girls can play then hiking at Calico Basin.  I have a camera for Panda, she's been using/destroying my point and shoot, so she should be excited.  The girls have little binoculars and new Teva's (thanks to REI's rock'n clearance sale) so they're super hyped to hit the trails tomorrow!

*The meatloaf was so easy!  2lbs. of ground meat, some bbq sauce, some Worcestershire, 1 cup of stuffing, 1 egg, some garlic salt baked at 350 for an hour - the kids LOVED it and I actually ate it too (I H.A.T.E. meatloaf)!  To my amazement you CAN bake meatloaf without an entire bottle of ketchup and the kids will still eat it!

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