Monday, October 4, 2010

California Pizza Kitchen Fieldtrip

California Pizza Kitchen Fieldtrip
We LOVE this fieldtrip!  As the fieldtrip leader talks about how pizza's are made the kids start off by making their very own pizza's...and snacking on the toppings.  Then its off to the kitchen!  As the kids get a full tour of the walk in fridges, cooking area, and prep areas their pizza creations are cooking.  Once its over the pizza's are ready, they get to drink lemon aid as they dine on their creations.  After all that, the get dessert! 

It's now a weekly tradition to make our pizza's.  Next we'll work on making our own dough.  It's been great in earning our Discovery Scouts cooking badge!  The girls received their very own measuring cups and spoons from our best twin friends and future prom dates if I can convince them not to leave Vegas!  It's helped them both with numbers and even the beginnings of fractions.

Get into the kitchen with your kids!  Yes, its a mess, but that's what dust busters are for!

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