Saturday, May 1, 2010

Painting with Ice Popsicles to learn about colors

I've tried to make the kids homemade ice pops with the inexpensive holders to give them something healthier then imitation flavor and chemical dyes.  So far I haven't gotten the best results.  I'm hoping when it warms up this year I can try again and actually be successful!  But what to do with them now?

The girls are really enjoying learning the Spanish words for colors and are asking me how colors are made.  I took our food coloring and put 3 drops each in the Popsicle tray.  I filled them with water and froze them for about 2 hours. 

I cut our butcher paper down to fit into a brownie pan to keep the food dye off my table.  Both girls were given red, blue, yellow, and green Popsicles.  BeBe tried to eat hers immediately while GG watched and laughed at her.  After I cleaned up BeBe we began to make our art!

The next day they were asking to do it again!  So feeling brave I just put the paper down onto our table and let them go for it. 

Just as I thought, it went straight through to the table!  Simple Green got most of it up really well so it wasn't such a tragedy after all. 

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