Friday, March 12, 2010

Lil' Chef's Pizza Playdate

Calling all Little Chefs! Its time to make it the way YOU want it...and eat some toppings along the way.
Pizza Playdate for kids mommy and me little chef crafts These are easy to prepair for your kids and fun for them to make. We used english muffins for this playdate but you can also buy biscuits in the frigeration section of the grocery store (Pilsbury Dough in the container kind) and let the kids roll them out. I washed our Playdough rolling pins and let the kids use those to roll out the dough!

Have enough containers for each kiddo and come to the realization that double dipping is not only allowed but accepted between toddlers.
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  1. A very fun and awesome food for kids! Thanks for chatting on my blogfrog!


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