Saturday, February 20, 2010

Chinese New Year Paper Lanterns

Celebrate the Chinese New Year with an easy craft with your kids!
Easy Kids Crafts Chinese New Year Lantern for kids
Use regular construction paper. Let your child decorate the lantern with stickers, glitter glue, crayons, and pens. When using loose glitter, I put a cookie sheet under the sheet then let them spread washable glue over the paper with popsicle sticks. I let them pour their own glitter then we shake it out while still on the cookie sheet after its dried. I still have a never ending supply of rainbow glitter in my carpet, but I'm sure this helps!

Decorate your Chinese LanternSince my girls LOVE glitter and glitter glue we had to let our paper dry for 24 hours. Fold the paper length wise in half. If your kids are ready to use safety scissors then let them cut slits in the paper. I sit with them, never leave a child unattended with scissors, to make sure they're keeping on track. I like their projects to look like a kid made them so there are several diagonal cuts here and there.

Twins using scissors for their Lantern

The girls had a blast and we have them on our fireplace mantel. Enjoy!

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